EcoElectronix EX-25 Stapler Review

EcoElectronix EX-25 Electric Stapler Review

A high-quality electric stapler offers an efficient performance, round the clock. That’s primarily why such a product is highly fitted for a shared office space – being designated for constant use.

Still, instead of picking out the very first stapler that crosses your path, you should make an informed purchase. This way, you can be 100 percent confident that your stapler will provide utmost convenience while saving you a lot of time.

EcoElectronix EX-25 Automatic Heavy Duty Electric Stapler


The EcoElectronix Automatic Heavy Duty Stapler is such a product. Read my detailed review to find out if it’s the right one for you!

About The Product

To start with, the best thing about this stapler is its practicality. And, of course, it’s important to note that it holds a notable bind of papers. Nevertheless, these aren’t the only things worth mentioning.

In fact, here are some of the most important specifications of the item:

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    Staples up to 25 sheets of paper.
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    It uses battery power, and it comes accompanied by an AC adapter – this means you can choose the option that suits your needs best.
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    Lifetime replacement warranty – if the product you receive is defective, the company will provide you with a replacement.
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    Manufactured with durable ABS material, using eco-friendly procedures.
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    Jam-free technology – you can say goodbye to jamming accidents.
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    Adjustable stapling guide – you can pick from 14 precision depth settings.
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    Excellent battery life – you can easily staple up to 8,000 stacks of paper before needing to replace the battery.
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    It weighs 12.2 ounces.

The Results

The minute after I unpacked this stapler, I could tell that it was a high-quality item, featuring excellent craftsmanship.

The body of the machine is made of impact resistant ABS material. In other words, you don’t have to worry about dropping this on the floor.

In fact, if you’re like me (clumsy), durability should be a priority when you’re looking for a stapler. At the same time, the design is sleek and on point. Thanks to the high capacity design of the machine, you can easily reload it by using a set of standard staples.

The fact that you can use standard staples is quite convenient, as well. There are other staplers on the market that require premium staples, or staples of certain sizes. This could make the staple shopping process quite frustrating.

Also, you should be happy to find out that the manufacturer is concerned about preserving the environment. As a result, it uses eco-friendly manufacturing techniques in the engineering of their top products.

I also like that the stapler doesn’t leave any footprint on the desk. Not to mention that it is quite lightweight. That means you can carry it with you – if needed, of course.

As for the precision of the stapling, there’s nothing to complain about in this respect. Quite the opposite: I was rather surprised by the precision and efficiency of the device. Plus, after testing the various depth levels, I concluded that, in each scenario, the machine worked perfectly fine.

As mentioned beforehand, when you purchase this machine, you say goodbye to jamming incidents. If only I had a nickel for every time my old stapler jammed, right?

EcoElectronix EX-25 Automatic Heavy Duty Electric Stapler


Still, thanks to the use of the latest technology, this item will help you to save time and paper (sheltering your nerves, as well).

What Everyone Says

You can tell by now that I think this stapler is worth purchasing. Nonetheless, what do other people think of this product? Of course, I scanned the Internet for customer reviews, and I wasn’t surprised to find out that most are happy with their purchase.

According to customer feedback, this stapler deserves the title of being the best of the best – and I subscribe. The anti-jam technology, together with the efficiency and durability of the item are widely mentioned.

While there were some clients that were unfortunate enough to get defective products, the customer service department was eager to assist them.

What We Liked

Next, I would like to outline the main features of this electric stapler that make it worth purchasing.

For one thing, the design is smart and sturdy. As I said before, I prefer investing in durable products, and this one screamed durability from the moment I picked it up.

Also, I find it quite convenient that it is portable. Not to mention that it has two operating modes: on battery and on AC. That means I can choose the best fitting option for me at any given time.

The generous warranty comes as a major advantage, as well. The fact that the customer support is so helpful is reassuring in case there is something wrong with the product and I might need assistance.

What We Didn’t Like

To be completely honest, I believe this is a great product. Hence, there’s little not to like about it. Perhaps the fact that it doesn’t have staple storage serves as a disadvantage.

Nevertheless, aside from that, there’s not much to say in this direction.

Buying Tips

Some people might think that paying less than $50 for a stapler is a bit too much. Nevertheless, this is a durable device that is built to last. The lifetime warranty supplied by the company outlines that.

I ordered my stapler from Amazon, as I do with most of my purchases. The free shipping is an advantage, of course. Plus, occasionally, there are some discounts I like to take advantage of.

EcoElectronix EX-25 Automatic Heavy Duty Electric Stapler


Alternatively, you can order the stapling machine from the firm’s official website, as well.


After reading my review, you should know by now that I wholeheartedly recommend the EcoElectronix Automatic Heavy Duty Electric Stapler.

The high-quality construction of the item, its durability, smart design, stapling precision, and lifetime warranty are worth noting.

The only disadvantage I can think of is, perhaps, the rather high price tag. Also, the fact that the stapler doesn’t come with staple storage might be a bit inconvenient. I hope this review will help you make an informed purchase!

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