Bostitch Impulse 25 Stapler Review

Bostitch Impulse 25 Electric Stapler Review

Without fear of contradiction, there’s no joy and excitement associated with shopping for office supplies. And it wouldn’t be entirely wrong to say that getting the best stapler is, most of the times, overlooked.

Still, although stapling is a rather easy task, it can get pretty frustrating if you don’t have a high-quality machine to assist you. What is more, you might cope with jamming incidents on a regular basis, as well as small staple storage capacity.

Bostitch Impulse 25 Sheet Electric Stapler Value Pack


That’s the purpose of my review – to help you get the best stapler, as opposed to the first stapler that comes your way. Today we will talk about the Bostitch Impulse 25 Sheet Electric Stapler – a best-selling item. Is it right for you or not? Let’s see!

About The Product

An electric stapler can seriously simplify one of the most tedious office tasks – namely stapling. This will help you to save time, minimizing the amount of work you have to do. And that is what the Bostitch Impulse promises to do, as well.

Some of the features worth mentioning are:

  • check
    It staples up to 25 sheets of paper at once
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    It is, at the very least, three times faster than a regular stapler
  • check
    Durable metal and plastic construction
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    It accommodates up to 200 standard staples
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    It incorporates a practical magnetic holder for storing paper clips and tacks
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    It is equipped with an indicator that informs you when you should refill the staples
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    The stapling device comes accompanied by a push-style staple remover and 500 staples

The Results

If you’re tired of staple jams that diminish your efficiency, then getting a reliable, electronic device such as this one is a good choice. This device will meet your needs for uninterrupted stapling.

It does that thanks to its anti-jam technology. This is something most state-of-the-art, high-quality items come equipped with. When you have plenty of documents to organize, worrying about fixing the stapler is the last thing on your mind.

Another helpful addition is, of course, the staple-out indicator. In other words, you won’t be caught off guard when you’re out of staples since the device will politely inform you of that.

As for refilling the staples, it is quite easy. With a push of a button, the tray pops out right away, and all you have to do is place the staples there.

I find this to be really convenient since there’s nothing I appreciate more than a product that does an excellent job.

Bostitch Impulse 25 Sheet Electric Stapler Value Pack


If you’re wondering about the durability of this stapler, its sturdy construction definitely serves as an advantage. It is built of sturdy metal and plastic, and it looks as if it can take a punch.

Simultaneously, I find the magnetic holder to be a handy (and ingenious) addition. Keeping my desk tidy and organized is a challenge, and this can be helpful.

Furthermore, the item has a 7-year warranty, which is considerably more than what is offered by most companies.

On the whole, this stapler seriously makes file organizing easier. It has a nice assembly of features, being durable, efficient, and practical.

What Everyone Says

If you’re still undecided and don’t know if this stapling machine is the right one for you, it might help hearing other people’s thoughts about the product.

On the whole, the majority of buyers like the stapler, mentioning that it works as advertised, being really efficient in the workplace, and not only.

Nonetheless, many customers have complained that the stapler makes a weird noise during its operation.

At the same time, other clients indicated that after a given period, the device stopped working. That could indicate that it isn’t the right fit for heavy-duty use.

What We Liked

Of course, one of the many reasons why I think this stapler is a good purchase is the no-jam technology. Organizing documents can be a drag when you have to fix the stapler you’re working with every other minute.

Additionally, the LED light indicator that informs you when you’re out of staples is helpful, as well. Not to mention that refilling the staples is also made easy.

Although the device is sturdy, it is also lightweight, which is a good thing. This means that you can take this during your travels, at home, at the school, so on and so forth.

What We Didn’t Like

The main thing I didn’t like about this stapling device is the noise that it releases when it staples. When I first used the product, I was a bit taken aback by the noise. However, after a while, I got used to it.

Although it isn’t really that serious, the noise can be annoying – especially if you have tons of documents to file.

Additionally, even though the stapler is thought to handle up to 25 sheets of paper at once, after testing it, I’ve noticed that it works best for up to 20 sheets of paper.

Buying Information

As you already know, Amazon is my first choice when it comes to online shopping. The free shipping and the occasional discounts available are convincing enough to me.

Bostitch Impulse 25 Sheet Electric Stapler Value Pack


The 7-year warranty supplied by the manufacturer is worth noting. So, if you do encounter any unwanted problems with the stapling device, the warranty will cover the replacement.


On a final note, would I recommend the Bostitch Impulse 25 Sheet Electric Stapler? Definitely! It is a great product that promises an excellent performance.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that it might not be appropriate for high volume stapling over an extended timeframe. In this situation, you might require a different, more advanced model. Also, the noise it releases can be quite unappealing, if not annoying, at times.

It all comes down to this: knowing what you need, and getting a product that meets those needs. Otherwise, you risk getting the unsuitable item.

If you’ve already used this electric stapler, make sure you share your thoughts about the product in the comment section!

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